We don’t teach to win today. We teach to win 10 years from now

Our Curriculum

At Germantown Academy Wrestling Club, our goal is to help our wrestlers become the best versions of themselves that they can be, and that includes giving them a full background on the various styles of their sport. Athletes from Bucks, Montgomery, and Delaware Counties join to develop their skills and learn from their coaches and from each other.



greco style

International/Olympic Wrestling Styles

Freestyle & Greco

Summer classes will focus primarily on two styles of wrestling; freestyle and Greco. Learning the intricacies of these styles and being able to master them will help elevate your child’s wrestling to the next level, as these are the two most commonly recognized styles of wrestling internationally. The two styles are inherently similar, with the notable exception being that nothing below the waist is legal in Greco.

Offense, Defense, & Neutral


Taught in September through March, folkstyle is a unique style of wrestling exclusive to the USA. Also known as collegiate wrestling, this is the style that your child will most likely be practicing if they are to compete at the middle school or high school level, as well as into their collegiate careers. Perhaps the most significant difference that sets this style apart from freestyle and Greco is being able to perform moves from the bottom position, something that is typically frowned upon in the other two styles.


movement, angles, & misdirection

Building on Fundamental Concepts

Germantown Academy Wrestling Club believes in using live wrestling and technical practices to help our students master their technique. Our courses are fast-paced and incorporate hard drills to help them compete. Most athletes at Germantown Academy Wrestling Club already have a background in wrestling and are there to become better competitors and better athletes. For those who are just getting into the sport, we separate our classes into beginners and elites.

Through world-class training and conditioning, our goal is to help your child master the art of wrestling and be the best version of themselves they can be.